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How We Do

At Genius Creators, we think that customers need something more innovative and attractive. We think that if we spent more time on helping others we would definitely get what we want. How would you feel if a web designing and development company worked together in the same domain? Would you appreciate a company worrying more about helping its clients and customers other than worrying about its own bottom line? What would you think if a company is focused on building relationship other than contract?

Here, at Genius Creators, we do more than just building websites. It implies that we focus more on building relationship with our customers while coping up with their expectations but beyond their imaginations. In order to achieve the goals of your business, we follow unique steps so that exclusive and innovative sites can be created for your business that adds value to your business.

Step 1: Target

At first, we set target so that you can easily achieve your goals with the help of our site developed. During this step, our team works together with the client to get the answers to critical questions that will help in focusing the site. We design some questions, which we expect from you to answer.

  • What is the purpose of your website?
  • Who is the target audience?
  • For what reasons they are visiting your website?
  • What are the needs that you are hoping to meet?
  • What are the words that your customers would type in the search engine to target your site?

The answer to all these questions would help us to plan our processes for designing and developing your website.

Step 2: Scheduling

Now that we have gained the answer to all these questions, we begin with our planning phase. Based on the information of purpose of developing website and target audience, we decide about what pages you might need and about the functions that our site must perform. In this step, we plan about all the important aspects of website. Here, we decide about the outlook of the site and the style that might be applied to meet all the marketing needs of the company.

Step 3: Creating

As soon as we define the target and create a plan for achieving this target, the next step to which we proceed is building the site. There are three different phases of building a website. These phases are design, development, and implementation. At the time of first phase, we focus on the outlook of the site that is how the site would look like to customers. The visual display, font, size and all such matters are decided in this phase. While, in the second phase of development, the actual pages are developed through which the actual features of site are displayed to customers.

Step 4: Promotion

The final step of developing a website is promotion phase. The last step that remains after designing and development is to promote the website. For this purpose, we use keywords so that we can easily target audience. This keyword help your customers find your website instantly from different search engines.

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