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4 Common Content Marketing Mistakes You’reDoing Right Now

You are a content marketer, you wake up in the morning with a new plan, you give it your best, do research for additional tips, consult the mentors, watch many relevant webinars, but in the end, you do not get your satisfied results. This means there’s something you are overlooking, there are some points you are mistaken on, there can be many reasons why you are lagging behind your expectations. The toughest challenge in the content marketing is to key out its challenges, as it seems to be ver

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New Penguin 4.0 Update Is Not Going To Be Rolled

Congratulations to the website owners who were biting their nails in anticipation because of the upcoming 4.0 search algorithm update. They can now sit back and relax, as Google has postponed the update till next year. Google stated that due to the holidays, there won’t be any Penguin update till next year.Many Googlers are going on vacations, which includes including Gary Illyes who is responsible to unleash news, but Illyes also stated that they wouldn’t put out an incomplete algo.

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